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i feel like shit right now. i dont know what i am going to do. i only have this week to finnish my econ class and i only have done 4 units out of 18 do you really think i can do it? yea right. i dont think i am going to pass so i am thinking of just giving up. All i need is 5 fucking credits. Thats it. And does anyone really read this? Why am i even typing if know one reads this. I am just bord i guess. FUCK! I HATE SCHOOL.

On a good note Rhiannon had her first day of school and from what i heard it sound ok. but i know she can do anything. She is Really smart. i did not really get to talk with her to day so that sucked. I am really happy for her that she is still going to school. I know she can become something great. I have Fath in her. she is a good person. She is on her way to good things and i am happy for her. It sucks because i will only see her on the weekends and thats it. why? because i dont drive. I should drive but i dont really care about driving, i dont know why but it seem like too much. I should do it for her. but even if i do i will be working from 5-9 tuesdays-sunday. i can work morning because i work at dominos pizza and everyone wants pizza late night so we get this big rush. and i hate that. i dont know what to do. I MISS HER. I LOVE HER.
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