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i have been laze.

I never really up date much but i try. So this weekend was ok. I did some x-mas shopping final. i got My girl friend a buch of simpsons stuff that i knew she would like. and she did. and i got my friend brian that sweeter he wanted so everything is good, except the fact that i have not payed my phone bill. i am going to be in debt. if anyone wants to help me with my phone bill fill free. :) anywho...

i saw The Vandals. I was sooo cool i got a gift from the bass player Joe E. It was great i will never for get that moment. I can wait to see him agan. i just started to look up to him as much as i look up to kevin smith. and i love kevin smith because he is the hole reson i am making movies well working on #3 but hey it takes time to make a movie.
well i was trying to say that Joe is like me. He makes movies, he plays the bass, he is a guy who does not do crazy thing that are to extreme, and he has his own T.V. show. He is just a cool guy and i cant wait to meet him or see him again.

Today i went to my girl's house and watch clerks the cartoon, after i seen it about 12 times. Hey its funny you should go rent it. i borrowed her guitar. i want to learn how to play guitar now. i am good at the bass but i want to learn something new.

Tomorrow i have to work but i dont think anyone is going to order pizza on crismas eve. We only open because my boss is a money hungry guy. I bet he cares about Dominos Pizza more then his own wife. well i got most things done so i am happy with that.

Anyway untill next time i remain BuRnZeRo37.
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