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well i am board and just surffing the web. I need to go x-mas shopping. i have been lacking in doing that but i also need money too so i have been working more hours just to buy stuff for my friends. i need to go to this place that has my girlfrieds present. i found it when i was lost with my friend. i can say were because my girl friend will know what i am talking about about and i dont want to her to know. :)

2 more days till the vandals! :D i can wait! i want to get joe E. to sign my shoe. he is cool. he is like me. we both make movies and play the bass, and like punk.

Well i guess thats really it my life does not get really fun untill the weekend because that is when me and my friends go out and cause havoc so untill later i am BuRnZeRo37

Guess the Pick!!!

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