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Now that i am not going to school i have more time typing in this thing that no one reads. well it was rhi's b-day yesterday and i went to her school it was wired to be at a college because i dont think i am ever going to go to one. its diffrent. i dont know. but i am going to move to closer to rhiannon so that will be good.

i was thinking a lot today. i hate when that happens because then i get depressed. i was watching "Boy Meets World" and it got me think. My friend brian and I have the same kind of friendship that they have. me and him have been friends since the 6 grade about 7 years that is a long time! i am glad that he is my friend. we have been though a lot like they have. and not just that show. save by the bell. zack and screech like them too. ahhhhhhh i hate having the computer in the living room. BYE
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