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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
12:15 am
I have not updated this one since last year on this same day. hahaha Happy b-day Gabe.

Current Mood: drunk
Thursday, January 1st, 2004
11:52 pm
Heres to the new year...in helloooooo.
Happy b day gabe

Current Mood: melancholy
Saturday, September 20th, 2003
7:51 pm
I guess I should kill this journal???
I dont know what to do with this journal? Its like the living dead. It contains memorys from the past that ment a lot to me at the time. So I just dont know what to do with it. I could just start anew with it, and start the next boring chapter of my life. or just save it until I....dont know. But I will update every now and then with good things. Its hard to let got sometimes. Until next time I remain Burnzero37/Rickweasel.....

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
1:39 am
Well well, look at this ramous motherfucker right her. Looks like someone shit in his cereal. Nooch
Holy fucking shit! It seem to be my old live journal. Tiffany told me it was still up and she thought it was recent. Yeah right. Well maybe I will update this one too. but what for?? I have a new one. This just shows how long I have been up here in this Shit. Great now I am talking like jay. hahaha. Until next time I remain Burnzero37.....

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, November 23rd, 2002
4:39 pm
To who it may consern.
i have not typed in this thing in a long time, so this is kinda weird. anyhoo i have been dealing with a lot of shit and its been crazy but i am a little better and just trying to deal. i dont know what to say...ohhhh yea i have a band know so thats cool. we are still thinking about names that are good but are band name for right now is the Jizzmopers. so thats kinda cool. by the way if any one reads this what is you fav green day song?
Friday, February 1st, 2002
12:55 pm
If you like Weezer you like Jimmy Eat World.

href="http://www2.fanscape.com/jimmyeatworld/weezerjimmyticketrd.asp" target="_blank">
Tuesday, December 25th, 2001
11:49 pm
Buffy Quiz
i like buffy and this what happen.

Rank #1 equals your best match Item

Your Results Page # 1 Oz
# 2 Willow
# 3 Giles
# 4 Xander
# 5 Tara
# 6 Angel
# 7 Buffy
# 8 Dawn
# 9 Faith
# 10 Cordelia
# 11 Anya
# 12 Dru
# 13 Angelus
# 14 Spike

Sunday, December 23rd, 2001
9:40 pm
i have been laze.
I never really up date much but i try. So this weekend was ok. I did some x-mas shopping final. i got My girl friend a buch of simpsons stuff that i knew she would like. and she did. and i got my friend brian that sweeter he wanted so everything is good, except the fact that i have not payed my phone bill. i am going to be in debt. if anyone wants to help me with my phone bill fill free. :) anywho...

i saw The Vandals. I was sooo cool i got a gift from the bass player Joe E. It was great i will never for get that moment. I can wait to see him agan. i just started to look up to him as much as i look up to kevin smith. and i love kevin smith because he is the hole reson i am making movies well working on #3 but hey it takes time to make a movie.
well i was trying to say that Joe is like me. He makes movies, he plays the bass, he is a guy who does not do crazy thing that are to extreme, and he has his own T.V. show. He is just a cool guy and i cant wait to meet him or see him again.

Today i went to my girl's house and watch clerks the cartoon, after i seen it about 12 times. Hey its funny you should go rent it. i borrowed her guitar. i want to learn how to play guitar now. i am good at the bass but i want to learn something new.

Tomorrow i have to work but i dont think anyone is going to order pizza on crismas eve. We only open because my boss is a money hungry guy. I bet he cares about Dominos Pizza more then his own wife. well i got most things done so i am happy with that.

Anyway untill next time i remain BuRnZeRo37.

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
9:39 pm

The Eighties Pop Act Test deems me: </td>

60% Eighties Pop Act
You are Tone Loc: You were all the rage in the eighties with your baloon pants, and head bands, but now you have moved quietly to your new life, and you don't keep in touch with your friends from that time. Go listen to Janet Jackson CDs.

the best thing about the 80s to is Knight Rider! :)
12:36 pm
well i am board and just surffing the web. I need to go x-mas shopping. i have been lacking in doing that but i also need money too so i have been working more hours just to buy stuff for my friends. i need to go to this place that has my girlfrieds present. i found it when i was lost with my friend. i can say were because my girl friend will know what i am talking about about and i dont want to her to know. :)

2 more days till the vandals! :D i can wait! i want to get joe E. to sign my shoe. he is cool. he is like me. we both make movies and play the bass, and like punk.

Well i guess thats really it my life does not get really fun untill the weekend because that is when me and my friends go out and cause havoc so untill later i am BuRnZeRo37

Guess the Pick!!!

Current Mood: melancholy
Tuesday, December 18th, 2001
2:33 pm
i have not read it yet.
well last night me and me friends went out trowing eggs at cars. it was fun. i hit a BMW, Mustang, and Mercedes. i wanted to hit this jag but i could not hit from were i was so brian tried but he did get it too. so brian and gab got out of the car and walk up to it brian hit it right on the windshield of the driver side and gab missed the car. after that we went to gabs house and watch a movie and then played playstation. it was a fun night. next time i will bring my video camera so i can get it on film.

the only bad part for today is that i missed my college orientation. now i dont know what to do. set up another one one i guess.

the best part of my day. what hitting the cars with eggs! :)

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, December 16th, 2001
8:10 pm
whats up!
Hey my weekend was interesting, but to long to say it all. but i just have to say that i am glade i did not spend my weekend alone. This weekend i am going to see the Vandals and the starting line. i can wait. i miss the vandals last time becasue i went to prom with my girlfriend, but now i got a second chanes to see them and i am happy.

This tuseday i will go to my college orintation, so wish me luck on getting the class i want. and then i get to start school on 1-7-02. i cant wait.


Current Mood: mellow
Thursday, December 13th, 2001
11:03 pm
Anyone remeber saved by the bell? well if you do my fav. episode (if i spelled it right) was the one with the Zack Attack. Where Zack dreams that his band makes it big and the all fight because zack is taking all the credit and the rest are getting nothing out of it. and then they all become friends agan because of what happen to slader. well i just had to say that. i love that show. i have been watching that show for as long as i can rember.

I have no idea what i am doing tommorw but i might go to this magic shop i found in burbank that is were i am going to get Rhi's gift. but i found it somewere eles so i might go there. i dont know.

ohh well i guess i should just be happy that i dont have work. ok untill LaTeR i remain BURNZERO37

Current Mood: lazy
10:40 am
weezer rocks
Here is something for Xmas. one of my fav. weezer songs

The Christmas Song [top]
You told me you would be here by my side
Warming my heart on this cold winter's night

Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself
You told me you would move heaven and earth(promo CD remix)
Cheering my spirits with laughter and mirth(promo CD remix)

Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself

Oh, could you ever know how much I care?
Could you ever know that out somewhere
there's a boy who really hurts?

Since I've found you
I've found a girl
I've found a thorn
I've found a queen
Now I am warm
Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
9:59 pm
its been another long while
i really lack in updating only because i dont think anyone really read my journal. so i am going to start college soon. i hope i get the class i want like that radio brodcasting class i REALLY want. i dont call to pick my class untill the 20th so thats a while to go. but i know know my way around the place really well because i got lost in it. I think school will be fun now because i will be in classes i want.

one last thing i want to say is that i cant wait to see the vandals on the 21.

Current Mood: indescribable
Thursday, October 18th, 2001
10:20 pm
i am hugry. so i just may get a job at disnyland. if i do i hope i will get paid more then i do at dominos pizza. that place sucks. i am going to go with my freind gab. we are going to get application. i hope i get it because if i do i can movie out with him and we can get are own place along with my friend brian. moving in with friends will be fun. i hope. then i can have rhiannon come over and we can hang out at lot longer. well i am done. today i just went with my dad and we ate subway. it was good. i want subway. oh well and i went to work and thats when gab came over. well type later ok bye

Current Mood: hungry
Wednesday, August 29th, 2001
8:32 pm
Now that i am not going to school i have more time typing in this thing that no one reads. well it was rhi's b-day yesterday and i went to her school it was wired to be at a college because i dont think i am ever going to go to one. its diffrent. i dont know. but i am going to move to closer to rhiannon so that will be good.

i was thinking a lot today. i hate when that happens because then i get depressed. i was watching "Boy Meets World" and it got me think. My friend brian and I have the same kind of friendship that they have. me and him have been friends since the 6 grade about 7 years that is a long time! i am glad that he is my friend. we have been though a lot like they have. and not just that show. save by the bell. zack and screech like them too. ahhhhhhh i hate having the computer in the living room. BYE

Current Mood: aggravated
Monday, August 20th, 2001
10:23 pm
i feel like shit right now. i dont know what i am going to do. i only have this week to finnish my econ class and i only have done 4 units out of 18 do you really think i can do it? yea right. i dont think i am going to pass so i am thinking of just giving up. All i need is 5 fucking credits. Thats it. And does anyone really read this? Why am i even typing if know one reads this. I am just bord i guess. FUCK! I HATE SCHOOL.

On a good note Rhiannon had her first day of school and from what i heard it sound ok. but i know she can do anything. She is Really smart. i did not really get to talk with her to day so that sucked. I am really happy for her that she is still going to school. I know she can become something great. I have Fath in her. she is a good person. She is on her way to good things and i am happy for her. It sucks because i will only see her on the weekends and thats it. why? because i dont drive. I should drive but i dont really care about driving, i dont know why but it seem like too much. I should do it for her. but even if i do i will be working from 5-9 tuesdays-sunday. i can work morning because i work at dominos pizza and everyone wants pizza late night so we get this big rush. and i hate that. i dont know what to do. I MISS HER. I LOVE HER.

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, August 16th, 2001
3:24 pm
New fav. band. Screeching Weasel
this is a cool band if you like punk.
<http://www.screechingweasel.com/> here is the link if i did it right. here is one song that i like.
Guest List
I was hanging out at the show
feeling like a fat potato
I don't know what I'm doing here
I saw her at the door and
she looked as bored as me
so I got her in
I put her on the guest list
at the show and now I get
to watch her dance like
the other weirdos do
I saw she brought a camera
She did the groin-o-rama and
we were really having fun
I told her I was the lead singer
I felt like Harvey Klinger and
then she smacked me in the head

and here is another cool song.

Don't Turn Out The Lights
Don't turn out the
lights tonight
I need a can of Raid
Ants will crawl inside my ears
and nibble on my brain
There's something by the window
and it wants to get inside
and it's waiting for the dark
so it can eat me up alive
You never listen when I call
I end up sleeping in the hall
Cause you're to busy with
important things
You smile and say that
you believe but
you're not listening to me
and now they're coming to get me
Why don't you believe
it's not all inside my head
Something wants to eat me
and it lives underneath my bed
I gotta keep the lights on
or I'll never get to sleep
Cause there's something
in this bedroom
and it's giving me the creeps
I try to tell you that I'm scared
you act like you don't even care
You just pat me on the head
and walk away
You're gabbing downstairs
on the phone
You leave me in the dark alone
and now I'm gonna stay
up all night
Don't turn out the lights

you will like there music it good

Current Mood: confused
Monday, June 25th, 2001
8:31 am
now i wanna sniff some glue.
all i want is something to do. thats why i am off to rhi's house. "so long suckers!" homer simpson
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